random brain dribbles of a nurse, novelist, and ninja enthusiast


Welcome to the Kul World Daily Drivel!

First, enjoy this gratuitously Japanese blog intro trailer I created.

I enjoy writing nonsensical articles about nursing, ninjitsu, and fatherhood (you’d be surprised how well these three go together). I post incredibly random humor articles about whatever twisted depravity slides across my brain at any given moment. I joined WordPress to find a family of likeminded bloggers and writers and have moved my old website here for that very reason. Expect to find almost daily doses of whatever depravity happens to slide out of my brain at any given moment. For more about me enjoy these fun facts.

Fun Facts About Me

Fun fact #1: I like fun facts

Fun fact #2: My cat often moonlights as a ninja assassin.

If looks could kill then you'd be dead already!

If looks could kill then you’d be dead already!

Fun fact #3: I too like ninjitsu. Maybe we can fight crime together.

All the deadliest ninjas know to utilize sneakers in potentiating their killing attacks.

All the deadliest ninjas know to utilize sneakers in potentiating their killing attacks.

Fun fact #4: ninjitsu is hilarious

Fun fact #5: My daughter has super adorable baby power and is even cuter than kittens riding unicorns through rainbows. (click link above for more!)

Next to my daughter this picture is kind of bland

Next to my daughter this picture is kind of bland

Fun fact #6: I like drawing cartoons

cartoon power

Fun fact #7: I’ve always wanted to visit Australia!

Australia, land of awesome!

Australia, land of awesome!

Fun fact #8: I lived in Korea for four years and the best olympic mascot ever will always be Hodori the tiger (sorry America)

Imagine frosted flakes' Tony the Tiger minus childhood diabetes.

Imagine frosted flakes’ Tony the Tiger minus childhood diabetes.

Fun fact #9: the worst olympic mascot ever will always be America’s Izzy or Whatzit

What were we thinking!

What were we thinking!

Fun fact #10: I once cut my hair with my wife’s lady bits trimmer (click on lady bits trimmer for more!)

lady bits trimmer

Fun fact #11: my wife has a time traveling uterus!  (For more click on time traveling uterus!)


Fun fact #12: there will definitely be more fun facts!

Leave a comment below and your very own fun fact. If your fact is fun enough, I may even post it above with a link to your own fun filled website.

13 Responses to “About”

  1. Lily

    That’s a sweet picture! I wish I was a Ninja. Seems like you’re a pretty cool dude. Glad I found you–thanks for following my blog 🙂

  2. jimmydevious

    Anything ninjitsu is AUTOMATICALLY cooler, like by 250%

    Hell, they might even get me to go to a musical if it had ninjas in it throwing shurikens….internet keyword of course being MAYBE! 😉

  3. Ned's Blog

    Hey, Josef — I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your work and, because of that, I’m shining a little recognition on you by nominating your for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. My post regarding the award is at http://nedhickson.wordpress.com/2013/02/11/grammy-shmammy-ll-cool-js-got-nothing-on-this-cracker , and the rules are simple:
    1) Display the Award on your blog
    2) Announce your win with a post
    3) Present the award to at least seven (but no more than 15) other deserving bloggers and include their links
    4) Inform those bloggers of their award.
    5) post seven interesting things about yourself.
    Thanks so much for your posting — I’m really glad to be able to pass this along to you. And don’t worry: I’ve had my flu shot 😉

    • josefkul

      Sorry Le Clown,
      I do make a great pumpkin or am I the ninja. When dealing with one or the other you can never tell. After all, misdirection is the only direction a ninja knows.

      • Le Clown

        Thank you. Now I feel validated. I can probably skip my session with my shrink this week, too.
        Le Clown

  4. josefkul

    Le Clown,

    I’m glad I was able to validate your cyber existence. Don’t take my lack of response as an affront to the magnificence that is Le Clown. I’m merely an absent minded buffoon.



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