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Childhood Games That Never Were And Never Should Be

Also available in Spanish!

I’m almost done with another new post I plan on releasing today or tomorrow, but in the meantime enjoy this classic ‘Childhood Games That Never Were and Never Should Be’ from my old blog. Hopefully, none of your kids ever play these games.

#1. Sex Operation 

The only game with a detachable penis!

The only game with a detachable penis!

#2 Tickle My Wrist Emo


#3 The Drug Trafficker, A game of risk and reward. 

Also available in Spanish!

Also available in Spanish!

También disponible en español!

El narcotrafficante es el juego mas divertirse. Evitar la policia y otras narcotraficantes y hacerse, El Generalissimo! Ahora, la cocaina es mas puro!

Translation: The drug trafficker is the most fun game. Avoid the police and other drug traffickers and become The General! Now, the cocaine is purer!

#4. Blood Oath

Blood Oath

Now available in ancient Sumerian! Challenge your friends to unleash the powers of ancient demons in this exciting new game of life and death. Which source of ultimate evil will be unleashed first? Only time, several quarts of your friend’s blood, and some carefully orchestrated rituals will tell. Warning: Please summon responsibly.

Thanks for reading guys! Sorry for the long departure after baby, but stay tuned for future posts about unicorns, more baby stuff, and a preview of my new novel coming out in the next couple of days! Let me know how horrible this last post was in a well placed comment below!

10 Responses to “Childhood Games That Never Were And Never Should Be”

    • josefkul

      New old post, but there are several new new posts waiting in the wings! I think you’re really going to like the one about unicorns! I feel like I may finally be starting to get an idea of ways to manage my time with baby! Sorry about all the exclamation marks, but I’m just an excitable person.

  1. The Waiting

    For some reason, “The Drug Trafficker” really reminds me of the scene from Arrested Development where George Sr. is trying to sell The Cornballer in Mexico.

    • josefkul

      You just commented on my post by referencing one of my all time favorite shows! You’re my new hero. I hope the Netflix rumors are true and this series gets its well deserved second chance. My wife’s favorite character is Buster who she says reminds me of her. I’m still not sure how I feel about that. At least I have both my hands.

      • The Waiting

        It is the best show eeeeeeever. And I am pretty sure all the Netflix rumors are confirmed! I will likely watch all the new episodes in one sitting.

  2. susielindau

    Hilarious! Where was your old blog? I am hosting a blog party right now if you want to meet some new writers. Click on my name….

    • josefkul

      Sorry for the late reply. My old blog was at Kul-world.com a rapid weaver site I started myself, but the readership was much more difficult to establish as the website kind of lingered in no man’s land for nearly six months.


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