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Super Adorable Baby Power!

Several days ago a super adorable baby was born with incredible cuteness powers. Her amazing origin story begins with the labor induction drug Pitocin and ends with the complete and utter destruction of her parents’ social lives for the next twenty plus years.

us plus baby smiley

Yeah, our social lives are destroyed!

Her cuteness powers are so amazing both parents were left smiling like idiots despite several hours of her blood curdling screams. The dad was so proud he immediately Heismaned the little one.


Heismaning, like Teebowing but better!

To gain incredible cuteness powers it is recommended you gestate well past the recommended length of time (Note: definitely not recommended by any obstetrician). At forty one plus weeks of pregnancy you too can successfully achieve maximal cuteness as you rush to induce your baby before your wife’s geriatric uterus crumbles or disintegrates into dust. At forty one weeks and six days the wait was arduous, but very much worthwhile (see above pictures).

After reading this blog post welcoming my daughter into the world you should probably admit yourself into the nearest emergency room to have your head examined, because it is probably hemorrhaging cuteness right about now. She’s even cuter than kittens riding unicorns through rainbows.

Next to my daughter this picture is kind of bland

Next to my daughter this picture is kind of bland

Incredible cuteness powers allow all parents to put up with years of non stop puking, defecation, and sleep deprivation in order to lose an entire life savings on their kids four years of college and other poor life decisions. I never quite understood this power until the birth of my own child when emotions flooded into me far more powerful than any I have yet to experience. Clearly, children are amazing and filled with magical baby power.

Baby Power!

Leave a comment below describing your own magical baby power experience and stay tuned for a more complete post regarding the terrifying and all consuming first few days with baby.

21 Responses to “Super Adorable Baby Power!”

  1. MissFourEyes

    I’ve never been around a newborn, but I’ve witnessed amazing Baby Laughter powers. The things we do to make them laugh.

    Congratulations! She’s adorable

  2. She's a Maineiac

    Congrats on the new addition! I’m impressed you could even find time to write this post. I wrote a post detailing my baby experience titled “So you’re having a baby…” it pretty much sums it up. Enjoy the next few months, it’ll be a blur!

    • josefkul

      I’ll have to check out your post! I barely had the time to write this post, but have many older posts I can submit to catch up on my daily driveling. I will also probably rely much more heavily on photoshop and drawings with shorter posts for the time being, but maybe the troubles with time management will help me become a more concise blogger.

  3. The Waiting

    YAY! And hip hip hooray for Pitocin! You indeed have a cutie, and there is something to your theory that extra gestational time gives them extra cuteness abilities. C was a week early so she didn’t have it as fine-tuned yet. She took her sweet time to whip out the cuteness overload. Inhale that new baby smell as much as you can! It won’t last forever.

    • josefkul

      Thanks! I’m sorry to hear that your own new baby smell is becoming the seasoned scent of the toddler years as your one year old approaches the next stage of her life. Don’t worry about adorable cuteness powers based on your last blog post the little cheerio cherub has it in droves. I can’t help but wonder what will happen when the little one begins speaking back and eventually walks away from us and then refuses our constant hugs and kisses in her teenage years. I feel like each new step of her life will bring with it as equal a sense of loss as it does longing. Still, I’m very excited to have finally begun the journey!

      • The Waiting

        “I feel like each new step of her life will bring with it as equal a sense of loss as it does longing.” True, true, TRUE words. Wait until she starts growing out clothes. It’s the most melancholy thing ever.

      • josefkul

        I know what you mean! All of our most adorable clothes are between three and six months of age and at nearly 22 inches at birth the little tike will grow out of these clothes in no time at all!

    • josefkul

      I suppose you could then yell “go long” and throw the little tike, but the you probably wouldn’t be leaving the hospital with them. I guess that’s what we call a classic catch 22.

  4. lameadventures

    For the greater good of mankind, I am a non-breeder, but when my sister hatched my niece 18 years ago, it was one of the best highs of my life. Babies are wonderful. Congratulations! Your daughter is indeed adorable. And proud papas are very cool.

      • lameadventures

        Interesting question. She is an excellent dancer (dance is her sport of choice) and very light on her feet, but at this stage, she’s shed her feathers, and looks like a fairly typical college freshman.

      • josefkul

        There is nothing typical about your average college freshman. The prospect of my own daughter leaving for college terrifies me. I remember what I did there and karma sucks!

  5. Animockery

    Ah, the beginning of fatherhood, its great stuff. I can say this much you will never be more tired in your life than you will be from this point forward and it gets crazier the more you have and you will love every single moment of it. You have a super adorable little lady there and congratulations on successfully bringing another human life into this world. Teach her neat things and to love knowledge and she will own the world.
    As for this humble father I will never forget each of my children’s births and I was happy to be there for each one. I am not an emotionless guy but if you ask even those closest to me I rarely have seen me cry. I did not cry when my kids were born but I was over the moon. On the note about crying though I have become more sensitive and get teary eyed about silly things that I would not have given a second thought about before I kids.
    Best wishes to you and your wife and your cute little baby girl.

  6. theloneshewolf

    Gotta love ’em fresh outta the box! Congrats Pops!

    The moments I first saw them my whole being melted at how tiny & beautiful they were. After which in a loud & very unladylike voice I said
    “OH MY GAWD I MADE A BABY” followed by “AM I DEAD?”


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