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Super Epic Gratuitously Japanese Parody Blog Trailer!

Just one of the many wonders to be witnessed in the trailer below!

It’s here! After a week of feverishly pushing graphic pen to graphic tablet, my excessively Japanese blog intro trailer is complete. You can access this incredibly awesome masterpiece below!

What did you think? Each of the drawings featured in the trailer were inspired by Japanese popular culture. The character work and all of the speed line drawings I did exclusively on my own, but the other backgrounds were obtained through the resource stock photo section of Deviant Art. A brief description with links and the corresponding artists can be found below.

Blue Skies Background by Rin-Shiba

Purple Skies by computerinkt

Sparkle Bubble Power by computerinkt

Desert Background by simply backgrounds

City of Hong Kong by letsgomasquerading

Moonlight On Sea by Olbor 62

The music for the trailer is Ai Wo Torimodose from the original intro to Fist Of The North Star and the marginally offensive voice over work was done by yours truly. I probably won’t be able to do quite so many cartoon posts with baby fast approaching, but hopefully this trailer and a soon to be released cartoon section will tide you over for the time being.

One of my best!

One of my best!

A friend encouraged me to make a cartoon related to a sad story about a cat left to drift on a buoy. Here are the resulting redemptive drawings.

Cat On a Buoy Boat!

You should also check out my newly revamped about page! Let me know what you thought about the trailer in a comment below. Now, I have about a weeks worth of WordPress reading to do. Let the reading begin!

8 Responses to “Super Epic Gratuitously Japanese Parody Blog Trailer!”

    • josefkul

      Get started now! I would recommend having at least one scene where a tiny goldfish harnesses chi power to become a massive golden colored great white shark. Awesome!

  1. The Waiting

    That looked really good! Your art style reminded me of the animated parts of Kill Bill when the little Japanese girl is hiding under the bed.


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