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Very Inspiring Blogger Award and New Super Epic Project!

I checked my comments today amidst future dad related duties involving constructing our rocking chair and purchasing cute outfits and essentials for our future baby daughter and was pleasantly surprised to discover I was nominated for the very inspiring blogger award by both Ned’s Blog and the Loneshewolf.


exhibit A

If you haven’t checked out either of their blogs then you should do so. They both rock, but for different reasons. Ned for his regular humor rants or observations and for his work fighting fires outside the world of writing. Writer/fire fighter is a difficult image to process, but hopefully the picture below will help.

guy reading in fire

The lone she Wolf is a blogger with an affinity for the word shit and a recent mastery of the most powerful word in the English language, vagina (take note she wolf: my vagina just linked to your ‘sissy penis’).

Now for the rules.

First: link to the bloggers who nominated you. Done!

Second: post an image of the award into your post (observe exhibit A, several paragraphs above!)

Third: share seven facts about yourself.

Fact 1: I have a very eclectic taste in music.

There will be something to delight or disgust anyone who manages to gain possession of my iPod.

Fact 2: I love making home movies.

I will never post these for your delight, because my wife does not want our family images slathered all over the internet and frankly neither do I, but I can assure you my home movies are epic. I always include special features, trailers, chapter effects, and tend to go overboard, resulting in a very enjoyable product several hours later. These movies have made every member of my family laugh or cry and complete strangers and friends have come over to the house requesting to see them. Not very many family movies can claim credit for that last one.

Fact 3: I love projects!

Projects rule! I don’t like sitting around at home watching TV and spend almost all of my time either editing my novel, blogging, cartooning, or working on some home movie project.

Fact 4: Give me books please!

Anyone following the sexually confused adventures of my kindle knows how much I love to read. I just completed the Earth One comic book series and I’m currently working my way through the novels City Of Dark Magic and World War Z. Stay tuned for a future post entitled My Hypermasculine Kindle Is An Undead Wizard.

Fact 5: I might be unofficially Asian or at least I wish I was.

I watched and still watch anime at times and practiced Tae Kwon Do for over ten years as a child. When I was younger, I went to state for Tae Kwon Do several times and almost qualified for nationals once. Unfortunately, now I pull my hamstring when taking longer than normal strides down to the mailbox less than a block away, but suburbia makes you soft. I also lived in Korea for more than four years while my dad was serving in the Air Force and our experiences there were very formative. No wonder the shortest distance between myself and long lasting friendship is exactly the same distance between whatever my current location happens to be and the nearest Korean restaurant that same person invites me to.

Fact 6: I used to be a personal trainer.

This is probably a hard one to swallow given my admissions in fact #5, but before working as a nurse I was once a meat head. Granted, I was a meat head with a four year degree, but a meat head is still a meat head no matter how much you dress them up in fancy graduation robes.

Fact #7: I like cheese.

Now I’m just getting lazy, because who doesn’t like cheese? Commies, that’s who!

Now for the nominees!

1. Ginger Fight Back (extremely clever gingery entertainment to delight the masses)

2. Go Jules Go (she once wrote a post about a deer carcass) Note: she writes other stuff to. It’s hilarious, go check it out.

3. Sleepless Sessions (He’s a fellow male nurse and a humorist. Wait, is he me?) Fact: he is not me.

4. The Waiting (This funny lady has mad poetry skills and the coolest about section I have yet to witness)

5. Polysyllabic Profundities (Alliteration is only the first of her many writing talents)

6. The Top Ten Of Everything (Picture the top ten of whatever thing you would like and you have now pictured his picture blog)

7. Miss Four Eyes (She just wrote a post about radioactive mutant cookies) Is there really any more that needs to be said.

8. Mooselicker (He wrote a book about Satan’s little league days) This is the type of humor you should expect from his blog. It’s great!

9. Animockery (Aspiring cartoonist)

10. She’s A Maineiac (humor infused mommy blog that doesn’t suck)

11. Fish Of Gold (funny blog) Note: the author just posted a ridiculous amount about her dog, but this is not a dog blog. There is other stuff, I promise.

Wow, who knew linking to so many people would be this exhausting! Now for the super awesome epic part.

You may have noticed the cartoon I drew in the featured image. It’s all part of my new super epic master blog project. I’m going to make a blog trailer!

I was inspired by both Mooselicker’s blog trailer and Emily at the Waiting’s extremely awesome about page. I’ve been meaning to do more cartooning lately and Animockery inspired me to get my butt moving and start drawing more. The trailer will be called the ‘Gratuitously Japanese Anime Cliche Ultra Epic Blog Trailer’ and will include quintessentially Japanese cartoons related to my blog and plenty of marginally offensive Japanese anime cliches.

Both my cat Chester and I will be featured in our new anime forms (observe pictures below) and all of this will be done to an over the top Japanese 80’s power ballad rock song I will be dubbing over in my own fake Japanese voice. It will be hilarious and extremely epic.

Here are just a couple treats for you.

Kul intro

cartoon power

Note: the kanji symbols should be accurate according to the Japanese dictionary I used to reference them and expect some kanji curse words when the trailer is complete (if I can find them).

What you can also expect:

Plenty of cliched Japanese awesomeness!

Gratuitous nose bleeds

Silhouetted ninjas in the moonlight.

Guy holding sword overlooking extremely modern city landscape.

More ninjas!

An adorable cartoon cat.

An adorable cartoon cat engaging in exceptionally violent ninja assassinations.

Have I just blown your faces apart with my awesomeness!

I certainly hope so!

Awesomeness coming February 2013 something or other.

4 Responses to “Very Inspiring Blogger Award and New Super Epic Project!”

  1. Mooselicker

    I’m glad someone is finally taking the “whatever you can do I can do better” approach and going to upstage me. I never would have taken you for a meathead at any point in your life. Do meatheads know how to read?

  2. She's a Maineiac

    This is gonna be epic. I imagine as epic as any nurse/ninja/cartoonist/meat head project can be. I have no idea what I just wrote, it’s only 6:30 am. Your cartoons are amazing. Oh, and thanks for the nod but I think we can all agree being called a ‘mommy blog’ is the kiss of bloggy death. Try as I might to get away from it, my kids keep following me. May as well blog about the hellions.

  3. The Waiting

    Thank you so much for the nod! I guess since you’ve seen my About page you know I have a special place in my heart for Korea. Maybe we’ll get the families together some day and pretend to be Asian together. Or just eat some kimchi and samgypsol.

    Hope baby girl makes her appearance soon! You think you take home videos now. Get ready to duck tape the camera to your eyeball.


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