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Fun With Words: How To Be A Master Raper

English is a difficult language to master. A simple misplaced comma, misspelling, or other mishap could spell disaster (instead of you know, that other word you were trying to spell). A simple misplaced word can turn a rapper into a raper or your public profile into your pubic profile. For example…


 Whitey Snowflake Master Raper

Yo, my name is Whitey and I’m a master raper, cummin at U like a natural disaster.

I hit the night clubs and the people be trippin’.

They try to touch me, but can’t touch what I’m sippin’.

I sip the Pee yo, Dom’s Pee.

I can sip it all night.

(interlude: cue back up dancing beotches)

My flow be dangerous, spreading through the city like it was cancerous.

Raping through the streets, yo, I be contagious.

Spreading my disease like that African monkey with AIDS is.

So fellas lock up your ladies and daddy lock up your girl, cause I be in more pussy than the Tampax Pearl.

etc, etc, etc…

To keep from becoming the next master raper, you had better spell check yourself before you spell wreck yourself. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Fun With Words when I talk about homophones. Hint: I’m not talking about those in our state opposed to referendum 74.

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